How to Make Easy DIY Pom pom Flowers

Hey everyone! I’m back with another blog post today, where I’ll be showing you how to make pom pom flowers. These ones are very easy to make and take only about 10 minutes each. (Sorry for the quality of the photos, they came out fine when I took them, but became slightly pixelated when I uploaded them to the blog)


  • Yarn

  • Green floral wire

  • Crepe or tissue paper (optional — for leaves)

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

To make the pom pom for the flower, begin by wrapping the yarn around something, such as your fingers or a toilet paper roll. Make sure, whatever it is, that sliding the yarn off won't be difficult after. 

Once you have as much yarn wrapped around as you'd like, slide the roll off your fingers (or other object).  The more yarn there is, the thicker and fuller the pom pom will be.

The third step is to simply cut the strand of yarn attaching to the original yarn ball. Wrap the end onto the roll (not shown in picture). 

Cut another strand of yarn about a foot long, or longer. 

Take the strand of yarn, and carefully wrap it around the roll you created, making sure it's perpendicular to the strands on the roll. Double knot to secure it around the roll as tight as possible. 

There will now be loops of yarn on both sides of the pom pom. Take scissors and cut through all the loops.

Trim the pom pom until it's the size and thickness you'd like it to be. 

Using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire slightly longer than the desired length you'd like your stem to be. 

Wrap one end of the wire around the pom pom tightly so it's not visible. 

Take the end and twist it around the strand to secure. You may also cut leaves out of tissue or crepe paper, but I decided not to. Your pom pom flower is finished! Make more to create a bouquet.

DIY Pom pom flower

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