20 Amazing Ideas For Washi Tape

Washi tape adds so much color and can make practically anything brighter and more fun. While I may not have as much washi tape as some, I still enjoy finding good uses for it. If you're a person who never knows what to use their washi tape for, but loves collecting it and wants to turn something bland to beautiful, then this list might come in handy for you.

1. Vases

Though this project is actually done with masking tape, it could be decorated with washi tape just as easily.

2. Light switch cover

This is the perfect way to brighten up a very simple tool that you use every day. 

3. Birthday Cards

While store bought cards can be wonderful and fun, you can make cards that are more personal with washi tape. 

4. Washi Tape Tassel

Tassels can add a perfect unique touch of personalization to typically boring gift wrapping. 

5. Washi Tape letters

Rooms with empty walls can easily be personalized by decor that stands out. What's more personal than adding your monogram to the wall?

Washi tape can be used for so many great things, such as decorating storage or jewelry boxes. Give them away as gifts or keep them for yourself. 

7. Decorated Clock

Clocks don't have to be all boring and look the same. Spruce them up to make them nicer to look at. 

8. Washi Tape Gift Bows

Another great idea when it comes to gift packaging. Make a bow with tape either hinting what's inside, or representing the recipient's personality.

9. DIY Washi Tape Envelope

Need an envelope on hand but don't have any? You can make your own! Not only will these serve the purpose storing letters to transport, they're also much more fun and personalized than the boring ones you normally get at the store.

10. Canvas Art

You don't have to be a talented painter to make something beautiful with a canvas. Just using washi tape, you can make something people will want to hang on their walls. 

11. Personalized Keys

Decorating keys can make it so much easier to recognize what each one's for, while also adding some glamour to them.

12. Fun Notebook

 Many store bought notebooks can be boring and plain in color, even sometimes ugly. Adding washi tape to them can brighten them up and make them fun.

13. Binder Clips

Make binder clips unique. They could also help color code different segments of binders or when grouping papers together. 

14. Candles

20 Amazing Ideas For Using Washi Tape

Candles are meant to create a nice atmosphere, so why not decorate them for more of one? 

15. Frames For Pictures

A creative way to add color and variety to pictures on your wall in place of picture frames can be to tape them up with washi tape. 

15. Washi Tape Wall Letters

Using just a plain picture frame and a wooden letter, you can decorate them to make something that will stand out no matter where you hang or place it.

16. Laptop Decorating

Washi tape can be perfect for personalizing a laptop, which could otherwise be confused with others that look the same. If nothing else, they add beauty to a commonly used object.

16. Phone Case

A phone case decorated yourself will never look the same as someone else's, so you don't have to worry about confusing your phone with others'.

17. Washi Jar

Old jars adorned with washi tape are perfect for decoration. Add a candle to the inside, candies, or just use it for display.

18. Washi Tape Feathers

Wash tape feathers and flags can dress up any display or gift. Attach them to pens, use them as bookmarks or cake toppers.

19. Clothespins with Magnets

Attach papers to the fridge or a whiteboard easily with beautiful clothespin magnets. 

20. DIY Pinwheel

I love watching pinwheels twirling in the wind, and even when they're still, they look so pretty. The link leads to a tutorial on how to make them.


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