DIY Incredibly Easy Rustic Painted Wood Sign

Seeing all these gorgeous rustic wood signs everywhere on Pinterest has inspired me to try and make one myself. It turns out there's a number of methods people tend to use, but one that I've tried before with other projects stuck out to me as really simple, so I gave it a go.


  • Printer

  • Wood board

  • Pencil (I used a charcoal pencil to make the design more visible on the wood)

  • Paint or paint pens

  • Paint brush (if using paint)

The first step after you have printed out the design you would like to transfer to the wood is to color the back of the printed design, using the pencil. It's only necessary to color where the design is on the reverse side of the paper.

After that, place the paper on the wood, printed side up, colored side down, and position the words or design wherever you'd like them to show up on the sign. Using either the same pencil or a pen, trace the design, pressing down firmly, and then remove to see it transferred onto the board. 

It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but the outline of the word is now on the wood in  graphite. If you've made any mistakes, you can easily erase them now. This is why it's best to use a pencil when coloring the back of the design.

The final step is to simply paint the inside of the letters, either using paint and a brush, or a paint pen. I used a thin brush to paint my word on, but it was hard to get it neat and opaque, so I would recommend a paint pen for thinner strokes. 

I decided not to transfer the second branch over, to keep the sign more simple, and I think it turned out great! Enjoy your beautiful sign, and find a place to hang it up!

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