DIY Glow in the Dark Fairy Jar

Hello guys! It's November, and I'm back with a cool tutorial for a glow in the dark fairy jar! I made this a few weeks ago, but only recently had the time to go out and buy the lights to go inside. 

It's finally finished, I am thrilled to say that it looks awesome! It's definitely something I'd give as a birthday present to my younger sister or other small child. All the same though, I want to keep it for myself, since it's really pretty and creates an atmosphere as nice as candlelight. I may end up making more for Christmas. They could possibly act as a table centerpiece in place of candles or to complement them.

Note: The first four steps below are how to make the stickers themselves. This is for someone who has a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo. If you're someone with your stickers premade, then you can skip right to step five.


  • Jar

  • Black silhouette stickers (I made mine out of vinyl using a Silhouette machine)

  • Something to fill the inside with (I used pink tissue paper - not on the image)

  • Something dark to fill the bottom of the jar (optional - I used dark felt)

Attach a sheet of vinyl to the adhesive cutting mat. Make sure the vinyl is the sticker kind and not heat transfer—I learned this the hard way.

Set up your mat with the stickers that you'd like to cut onto the software for your cutting machine. If you have Silhouette Studio, you should recognize this interface. It'll look different on the softwares for other cutting machines. Don't forget to set the material, the thickness, as well as the blade's speed in the settings before you cut.

Send the design to the machine and watch it do its magic as it makes the cuts with the blade. If you hear anything very off, make sure you don't keep cutting, and pause the machine!

Finally, separate the vinyl from the backing. Also remove any extra pieces like the windows or parts that don't belong. I used an exacto knife for the sections that weren't cut all the way to help with the separation.

Here's the part where it all comes together! Place the stickers onto the outside of the jar, and don't worry if you haven't fully covered the bottom for now. It may be sensible to make marks or measurements before you attach the stickers on, to ensure that they're not crooked when you wrap them around the jar, especially if your stickers have a straight bottom edge like mine in the picture.

The best way to do this is to draw a straight, faint line (doesn't have to be solid) all the way around the jar as a guideline for placing the bottom edge of the skyline sticker(s). You may use a flexible measuring tape or piece of string to find a straight line around the jar, and then make marks accordingly.

Fill the inside of the jar using tissue or crepe paper to add an interesting sky color and texture, most preferably a sunset color. You can also cover the bottom or fill the jar with something dark, like a layer of vinyl, just to make it more opaque.

I stuck dark, adhesive felt into the inside of the jar before adding the tissue paper, but it turned out a bit light in comparison to the stickers. Overall though, it wasn't noticeable in the dark, when the jar glowed.

Finally, add lights inside the tissue paper within the jar. I used a short row of Christmas lights that were battery powered. Make sure the lights you buy don't have to be plugged in and operate either on battery or solar power.

And that's it! Darken the room, sit back, and let the beautiful new atmosphere better than that of candlelight take over the space around you. 

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