25 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For Organizing Your Whole Life

I recently started a bullet journal for 2018. I love the ability to customize it however I like, and how easy it is to tweak it. It originally started off as a normal sketchbook that I bought to use on the go. As the new year drew closer, I hadn’t used it yet, and it became a bullet journal.

I’ve been looking for some new spreads to add to my bullet journal, and I found some I thought I’d share with you guys.

1. Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are perfect for building new routines and practices you’d like to implement into your day to day life, as well as for tasks that are repetitive. They can be very motivating, making you want to keep going, so you can feel the satisfaction of coloring in another box.

The one in the picture is a daily habit tracker for one month, but you can also make ones that are weekly, or specific to a certain topic, such as exercise.

2. Weekly Spread

Most people include a weekly spread into their bullet journals, where they keep track of their daily tasks and events, as well as weekly goals, meal plans, or appointments.

Some people prefer a horizontal layout, others a vertical one. Some break each day up into different sized portions, depending on how busy their days are. They may use up two pages for one day, and then a small quarter of a page the next day. This is especially common for those that add journal entries into each of their days.

Another option I’ve seen is to make small boxes for each day, at the top of the pages, and use the majority of the two page layout for other things, such as goals or a big task list for the whole week.

3. Monthly Spread

People often like to use monthly spreads to be able to record and view all their events, appointments, holidays, birthdays, or anything else happening in that month. 

The first picture demonstrates a common type of monthly spread, one seen in planners a lot. There are also more simple options, such as the one on the second picture, which is smaller and takes up less space and time to set up. 

4. Memories of the month

 Boho Berry

Including a monthly memories page is a great way to record good areas of your life. Ten years from now, you can still view all your good memories and know exactly when they occurred.

5. Memories of the year

This one’s very similar to the monthly memories spread, but this spread is for the best highlights of your whole year. A possibility could be to go through each of your monthly memories and select the best ones for this spread.

6. Monthly Goals

Some people prefer to break their goals up into yearly, monthly weekly, and so on. They then subdivide them into categories that they’d like to improve, such as fitness, social, work, etc. Some people first divide their goals into different categories, and then create a time frame for each one.

If you decide a monthly goals spread works best for you, here’s a good example of one.

7. Yearly Goals

There are many ways to make a yearly goals spread. You could write out a checklist, draw pictures, or make up your own way to portray your goals for the upcoming year.

8. Book Tracker

Have you ever forgotten what the title of those books you read last month were? A book tracker can help you keep track of what you’ve read over the course of the year, and when you finished each one. They can also motivate you to keep reading, to fill up the whole spread.

You can even add a column for rating the book, or give a short summary on what the book was about, which can help you remember your overall opinion of it. 

9. Meal and Snack Ideas

Having a list to refer to can make  meal planning a lot easier. It’s helpful to know that all the meals on the list have worked for you before (e.g. they don’t upset anyone’s stomach, everyone likes them, etc.)  It  also makes it easy to find options that are quick and easy to make, or ones that require few ingredients.

10. Sleep Tracker

Recording the amount of sleep you get can help motivate you to try and get the right amount each night. A sleep tracker can also inform you of your usual sleep habits and help you make changes to improve your sleep. 

11. Bucket List

Having a bucket list can remind you of all the things you would like to do that year, or sometime in your life. It can also provide you with the satisfaction of being able to check those things off your list. 

12. Journal Entries

Journal entries can be a great way to record parts of your life. And, they can fit right inside your bullet journal. You can create a spot for each day for journaling, create one big spread for the whole week, or use separate spreads for days you’d like to record every now and then. 

13. Dream Log

Dream logs can be fun to go through and read. Some dreams can be hilarious, while others may make awesome stories or give you clever ideas. Usually, they make no sense, but people interpret them to have certain meanings.

Whether you believe they mean anything or not, writing down your dreams can help you recall ones you have later on.

14. Quote Page

Some quotes are very clever, motivating, and positive, and I find I love to write ones down that resonate well with me. Bullet journals are the perfect spot for such quotes, whether you decorate a whole page with them, or just write one on the corner of your weekly spread.

15. Books to Read

This spread is awesome if you’re always looking for new books to read. You can write ones down recommended by friends or family, then read them when you have the opportunity to.

16. Movies/TV Shows to Watch

This one’s similar to the books to read spread. Having a list of good movies to watch can also make it easy to pick and choose ones for family night, or ones to watch when you’re done with that TV show series.

17. Recipes

If you keep forgetting how to make your favorite dishes you find online, an option is to write down the recipe in your bullet journal. You can easily look back at it when you need it for next time.

18. Wishlist

I find I always forget what I wanted for my birthday or for Christmas, or I always lose my wishlist somewhere. Having it written down in your bullet journal can eliminate the need to come up with something you’d like last minute. 

19. Gratitude Log

Gratitude logs help people stay positive, by making you look for a number of good things in your day, and writing them down. It’s also another great way to record your life. You can look back on it when you’re having a bad day, and remember all the good things that have happened in the recent past. 

20. Passwords and Login info

If you find that you forget your account info a lot, then it may help to consider writing them down in a secure place. For some people, this may be their bullet journal. Here’s a good spread if you’d like to keep your account information there.

21. Places to visit

This spread can kind of overlap a bucket list, but be more specific to places you’d like to visit in your life. If you’re planning your next vacation, you can refer to this list for possible ideas, knowing that you want to visit each one listed.

22. places visited

You can have a spread to remind you of all the places you’ve visited that year, if you’d rather have a more colorful representation of your travels, than simply checking them off your places to visit spread.

23. exercise goals

If you prefer to write down your exercise goals separately from your monthly, yearly, or weekly goals, then you can create a number of different spreads. Like other goal spreads, they can be very motivating to help you keep going until you achieve your exercise goals. Here’s an example of an exercise spread.

24. exercise tracker

Apart from keeping goals for exercising, you can also keep a tracker to monitor your progress, and record how you’re managing with your goals. 

25. Class schedule

If you’re a student, then it may be a good idea to write your class schedule down, including what room number each class is in, or what time each period ends.


These 25 ideas may not all work for you and your life, but they are all options that you can pick and choose from to create the bullet journal that’s ideal for you. If you have any other ideas to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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